How Does OCREVUS Work

In Multiple Sclerosis (MS) your immune system mistakenly attacks myelin around your nerve cells. This causes inflammation and damage which stops your central nervous system (CNS) from working properly. OCREVUS works on your immune system by targeting and removing specific B cells which play a role in MS. When targeted B cells are removed by OCREVUS, inflammation is reduced and the chance of other nerve cells begin affected is lessened.


The basic nerve cell of the nervous system

A type of lymphocyte (white blood cell) made in the bone marrow that makes antibodies.

A lymphocyte (white blood cell) that develops in the bone marrow, matures in the thymus, and works as part of the immune system in the body.

A protein produced by certain cells of the immune system. It is produced in response to bacteria, viruses, and other types of foreign antigens.

Immune system
A complex network of glands, tissues, circulating cells, and processes that protect the body by identifying abnormal or foreign substances and neutralising them.

In clinical trials, OCREVUS reduced the frequency of relapses in people with RRMS and slowed disability progression in people with PPMS.

This video explains the role of B-cells in Multiple Sclerosis.
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