How is OCREVUS Given

OCREVUS is administered by intravenous (IV) infusion every six months.

Before you receive OCREVUS, you will also be given other medicines to help reduce the severity of possible infusion-related reactions (IRR).

You’ll need to visit the hospital to receive OCREVUS, and it will be given to you intravenously (through a needle in your arm). Treatments will be administered by qualified healthcare professional staff at an infusion location identified by your doctor.

You’ll be closely monitored during each infusion, and your doctor may adjust the infusion rate depending on how well your body is tolerating it.

You will receive OCREVUS every 6 months

The first dose of OCREVUS is given as two seperate infusions
  • Day 1: 300mg
  • Day 15: 300mg

After the first dose

After the first dose, OCREVUS is given every 6 months. This is the dosing that has been determined to be both effective and well tolerated in clinical trials.

Ensure you keep up-to-date with your 6-monthly treatments

What if I miss a dose?

  • Make another appointment as soon as possible to receive your infusion
  • Do not wait until the next planned dose